About World Beat Family Golf Centre

World Beat Family Golf is all about growing the game of golf. Our facility is about people having fun with the sport; that is our life's passion. Whether you're a first timer, a curious onlooker or an accomplished golfer,we are here for you. We want to share our passion about the World's greatest and fastest growing game!

Join the World Beat Family to find clarity in our balanced black and white approach to learning the game. Allow your best play out in World Beat's nurturing,safe and fun learning environment.

We are so confident in our approach to learning, all of our Lesson Programs are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or we will refund your money. Come on in – relax and have fun, IT'S A GAME!

Robert Letvinchuk
CPGA Teacher
President, World Beat Family Golf

Our Instructors:


Cassidy Hritzuk

I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan of under 1000 people called St.Walburg. I was 13 years old when they built the St.Walburg golf course; little did I know that it would be that golf course that would ignite a fire in my belly throughout my teenage years for the game of golf. I would play before school, after school, and on my school’s golf team. I fell in love with playing the game of golf, a love that hasn’t withered at all to the present day. My favourite part of this great game is that every time you tee it up, every time you hit a drive, a chip, mid-iron, or even a putt, it could be the greatest shot of your LIFE! Nowhere else can you find such potential satisfaction in EVERY moment!!!